Thursday, September 23, 2010

19th day Cycling from Old Faithful, to Jackson, Wyoming, USA

After biking for 20 days I met very nice people, some of them gave me food, and some donate money for my travel. Not much but very helpful for me. The cheapest I spend food is 8usd and logging is 10usd. Today I paid 31usd for a night,
This man on the left is very helpful. He gave me some maps and show me direct to Denver. He have been to Malaysia two years ago, Out of 10 people 3 have been to Malaysia, 5 knows Malaysia and 5 they don't know Malaysia at all. THEY ARE MOST FRIENDLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD I COME ACROSS
I was lost in Old Faitful town and this man lead me the way to the main road
This couple  met at the camp site
It was very cool night wash room in my sleeping place


  1. keep up the good work-take care.

  2. Hello David,great trip!
    Try to visit the million dollar cowboy saloon in Jackson!